Nepal Disaster Information Management System

Disaster Information Management System has spatial profiling of historical disaster events and impact records that can be used to draw policy relevant information. The system also has multi-level hazard, vulnerability and risk assessment information based on geophysical and social-economic parameters. The system provides information on Hazard, Vulnerability and Risk (HVR) across 75 districts of Nepal.


Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA), Government of Nepal has provided historical data on disaster events from 2000 to 2013, including impact statistics on economic loss, infrastructure damage and human casualties. Disaster events are divided into 18 different categories. Archive data on major flood events, model output and real time data generated by ICIMOD are also available.

Analytical tools

An interactive mapping interface provides statistics on different types of disaster at District, Village Development Committee (VDC) and watershed levels, as well as distribution of disaster impacts in the form of maps, tables and graphs.

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