Historic Changes in Snow Cover in the HKH Region

Snow constitutes an important component of the cryosphere and is characterised by high inter-annual, intra-annual, and seasonal variability. Snowmelt makes a significant contribution to the water budget in some of the major river systems of the Himalayas.

Study of snow trends is essential for understanding regional climate change and managing water resources. This application provide an interactive snow cover mapping environment with major basin and their sub-basins wise statistics which are important for the study of snow budget for agriculture, water-based industries, environment, land management, water supplies, and many others.


Snow cover maps have been generated using the MODIS 8-day snow product with additional improvements in information such as cloud cover. Eight day composites of MODIS snow product (500m resolution) is improved by removing cloud cover using combination and spatio-temporal filters. The data is available since the year 2002 to present date.

Analytical tools

The snow cover data is presented for 92 sub-basins from the 10 major river basins of the HKH. Users can view basin/sub-basin wise statistics of the snow cover for different elevation zones, slopes and aspects The snow cover maps can be displayed for a particular date or a specified time period using a time-slider tool.

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